Friday, August 31, 2007

Regarding the Significant Photo of the Week

For all those concerned: the AppleTV is still cool. But mostly because I finally get to listen to my personal library in the living room and because I had a gift card. Oh and because of the AppleTV screensaver. It is bitchen.

I've been getting a lot of queries about the Significant Photo of the Week: Glowstickman, so I thought I'd elaborate.

Okay, I admit it. No one has actually asked about it. But I know you were all wondering, huh? Of course!

A year ago, Kelly Keener ordered about fifteen hundred glowsticks from China. China's a long ways away and they didn't arrive until after we got back from camp. Kelly ended up using the blue ones for his Halloween costume. He was Tron. Or, at least he said he was Tron. He left his camera in an Altoids box in the taxicab and never saw it again, so we never saw pictures, but he brought the remainder of the glowsticks to camp this year and I thought it would make a good stickman costume. No one really got what I was talking about, and Mitch wandered in to the cabin a few minutes before the big glowstick event and said, "Hey, uh, Kelly said I'm supposed to go out and announce the game and then you're supposed to come out in some glowstick costume." He thought Kelly was joking. (You see, we never really plan these things.) I said, "Uh huh, yeah." Mitch laughed, shook his head, and left. I grabbed a handy Star Trekkin' costume and began taping the glowsticks to it. And here's how it turned out:

It was a big hit! The kids all screamed, running up to me like I was some alien movie star. It was pretty cool. Like AppleTV.