Friday, August 17, 2007

TMST: A Look Back

Well, it's been quite a week at TMST (that's "The Most Significant Thing", not "The Mystery Science Theater" if you were wondering). We eased into our leather recliners here at the Main Offices, not launching the site until Tuesday, which is how you handle a bad press release in the media. That's right: you release the bad news on a Tuesday and hope some other bad news overshadows it. And never on a Monday when everyone picks up the paper, after they're tired of talking all weekend about the news that came out on Friday. No, Tuesday's good. It's a quiet, sullen, non-event type day, when everyone's busy working through it to get to "hump day" where half the week will be over. Of course, this week's Tuesday was when the friends chose to have their baby, we had that lead-paint-in-the-bib incident, there was the Huge Cucumber, (which I am still threatening to post when the well runs dry) and then there was that helicopter in the street last night. Wow. What a week. [cricket sound-cricket sound]

Reviews have been good. I just Googled "the most significant thing" and out of 145,000 search results, this blog came up number one! Now, it might have something to do with me navigating to the site every other second to see if I've received any comments and perhaps the fact that Google owns Blogspot or something, but I accept! Please don't ruin it for me. And if satire and imitation is a form a flattery, it is a cruel one.

So it appears that the bandwagon is moving slow enough down the street that we can all run up behind and hop on the tailgate. But hey, there's room enough for everyone on the internet! The future is now! I'm just not sure there's room enough in the house...

But of course there is! BLOGGING RULE #1: Try not to alienate one fourth of your readership in an offhanded wry bit of thoughtless sarcasm. It will only result in a cold shoulder at bedtime and a week's worth of neglected laundry.


I did a Google Image search on "the most significant thing":

Hello Vader!