Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog Fever

I've got a fever! A fever for more BLOG! To paraphrase an old SNL...

I've been thinking about it all day. I saw a Dust Devil blow in over Murietta and I thought, "Whoa! Pull over! Get it on digital image! Put it on the BLOG!"

And then the swells crest and curl over, and that wave of creative energy washes over you. I've been tumbling in that wave for some time, gasping for air. Looking for some stable creative outlet, some hard floating board to prop myself up on, ride that wave into the sunset.

Pay no mind that no one, really, is reading this blog (Hi Matt! Hi Marci!) but my mind has been a slurry of (what I consider) profound dementia for years...

Driving home tonight I pondered the "Most Significant Thing" concept, which really sounds pretty pretentious. But the truth is this life is awash with THE MOST SIGNIFICANT THING on TV, billboards, radio, shallow strangers all day long. I am constantly reminding myself what the most significant things are: my wife, my child, my friends, my home, my hopes, the huge cucumber in the garden, my treasured memories of The Good Times...

It turns out that today is little Ditchman's 17 month birthday. When you have a child, you quietly celebrate these monthly events for the first couple years. Why? Because these kids change from month to month so easily, so quickly. It's true, just look in The Book! Child development is all listed by month! This is significant. Ask yourself: what's the difference between me at 34 and me at 35? Good Lord. Just yesterday the Little Ditchman said: "Uh oh, poo poo" and moments later the diaper was full. A month ago she couldn't say "Bye bye"! Significant? If you don't think so, you don't have kids. I assure you, the world has changed.

Still, there are setbacks. Blogspot won't let me post images. Perhaps it's because I have a Mac. Don't tell me I don't know what it's like to be discriminated against. I experience it every time I can't open that MIME file some PC user sent me. You'd think there'd be some congressional lobbiests for Mac users. Don't Democrats all use Macs? It would almost be enough for me to change parties. Bush has an iPod, incidentally. Good enough for me, for now.

I'd post a picture of the Huge Cucumber, but this is Blogspot and I have a Mac. I guess I could Email a pic of it to my wife's PC (yes, she has a PC) and then post it from there... Yes, this Blogging is going to be great.