Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sorry about the ranty screed yesterday. I should just stick with cute pictures of the dinosaurs on the floor. Chalk it up to mid-week blues, or something. It's cold in this house. I'm kinda sore. Babies are crying. It could have been worse: I could have gone off on the democrats' "stimulus" package. Did anyone notice the markets tanking yesterday and this morning? That's a hella coinky-dink for the Obama administration. I know nothing about this stuff, so I take it out on Forrest Gump. An easy target.

In this house we try and get some news in in the morning before the Little Ditchman demands something more enlightening like, Happy Monster Band. She puts up with the news a little bit, and tries to find something fun about it, so she watches the little numbers and arrows go up and down on the side of the screen. Some time ago I explained to her that the upside-down red triangles were bad and the green triangles were good. She has no idea why they're bad or good, I barely do myself, but she'll sit there watching the news with us for a little while and just call them out, "Green triangle! Red triangle! Green triangle!" This morning she got up early and got down to the tv couch before I got out of bed, and I woke up to "Red triangle! Red triangle! Red triangle! Red triangle!" -my little Wall Street WakeUp alarm. So the news didn't sound good. Happy Monster Band it is, then.

Remember when they slurried my street? Well, in a genius move of civic planning, today they are scheduled to return and slurry the bottom of the hill at the entry to the cul-de-sac. Why they didn't just do the whole street the first time is known only to slurry professionals, and this means that the whole street will be closed at 7AM, so I've gotta get the truck loaded up and moved out of here with the slurry guys. I have to take the BIG LADDER to work today, as yesterday's six footer wouldn't cut it. If I stand on the Not-A-Step of the six foot ladder, the top of yesterday's cover is at my face. It's a high one.

Up with the slurry guys!