Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not a good day for environmentalists when the endangered species are lunch and the recyclables are really just trash. Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that the haze over the Los Angeles basin is the result of an inversion layer and the dirty water at the beach is from nearby river runoff. Don't believe any of it!

More alarming news, is this. Politicians want to raise taxes nearly 2000% -ON BEER! Fascists.

Also, the machines will eventually rise up against us, or so I'm told. This is not news to me, as my Mac and television seemed to have accomplished this years ago.

Did anyone else notice that Lost went all DaVinci Code-ish last night? That was fun. I forgive Lost for going for it on the whole time-travel story structure. I don't think they had a choice with all the Marty McFly stuff, since they had high-concepted their series with so many holes that it was the slack jawed envy of all the lusty prairie dogs in the known verse. Note to writers: don't announce that you're going to answer every question that your show has posed. You were brazen and courageous to be the first in tv-land to do so, but I think you scrooed yourselves. Anyway, good luck with that. It's still my favorite show on tv right now, not that there's much to judge it against. And I use the word "show" loosely, as a verb/noun constituting whatever images peel and spray out of that box.

I guess it's not a box anymore. Nor is it the "Boob Tube", since there are no tubes, unfortunately. "Boob Screen" doesn't really have the same catchy ring to it, and engenders thoughts of potential breast cancer or delays in airport TSA lines. We're gonna have to come up with a new derogatory term for all the plasmas and LCDs hanging around. Our beautiful $1000 42" Vizio is more like a "Window to teh Weird", than anything else. Still, it's amazing how little of interest can be on with a thousand channels. I stare out the back windows of my house all the time and watch the grass grow with more impressive effect. My kitchen windows are about the same size and height as the tv and eminently more interesting. No remote necessary. (But that would make it interesting.)

The Little Ditchman is starting to get The Remote, by the way, though she hasn't mastered the enigmatic combination of amplifier buttons, input source clicks, and cable box entries you have to punch in order to get the blasted thing to work. Once it's on, though, she knows the channel selection option. She wanted to pick out a show the other night during Bunco, so I just let her have at it to see what she would pick. Settled on hockey, of all things. "Skating!" she cried. We watched that for a while, and I explained hockey to her. Later, when we were putting on her jammies, she pointed at a shirt in the closet. "Look, Daddy. My hockey shirt."

Seems she had a Kings shirt in there. Who knew?

A final note of insignificant significance: my brother apparently keeps seeing Dean Cundey at the gas station. I told him to tell him "hi" next time he saw him, ask him if he remembers me, and to mention that I was watching BTTF last week and and that I still think the lighting was nearly perfect in every shot. He did and he did and he did and he did! My brushes with greatness have had lasting impact!