Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wait for it... No, not yet. There's still time to get in the betting pool, and take the poll to the left. (Over fifty bucks at stake!)

Mrs. Ditchman hasn't slept much lately. With all the talk of not getting any sleep when the baby comes, rarely mentioned are the symptoms of being nine whole months pregnant -some of which are unmentionable in polite blogging. We got up this morning to find we were all out of coffee. Folks: this is not a time to run out of coffee! We're going to need a bulk shipment, one of those big freight containers shipped in from Costa Rica might do it.

All plans have been suspended for a few days, as we play the waiting game. We're going to watch a few DVDs, carve some pumpkins, futz around the house and wait for consecutive contractions at timed intervals. The weather's nice. I mowed the lawn yesterday. It was wonderful.

And today is dance class for the Little Ditchman. I haven't been, so I'm looking forward to it. That long hard slog through a hot, wicked summer is behind us. We're looking forward to a slow, easy autumnal tide. One that laps on the shore of the new year with a gentle, windless patter, heralding nothing but easy days.