Monday, October 20, 2008

I've got a full day. Have a great week.

Actually, okay, I've got a minute here... Last night, as I lay in bed, I think the final Sunday thing I uttered before I fell asleep is that I "just wanted tomorrow to be over," which is a dismal way to start a week. But it was a Home Show weekend, and before that there were a few long days there where I was mired in longing the night before. Longing for their early termination, their quick release. I haven't shaved in a few days.

But there was a ten minute segment of unadulterated joy yesterday. It was sunny. I was planting cabbage in the garden. I had turned the soil and plopped the little buds in, crossed myself and wished them the best. Then I went inside, grabbed a beer, and came back out and sat in the adirondack chair in the sandbox. The Little Ditchman climbed up on it with me and engaged in one of her perfect little conversations. She got in real close and grabbed my face in both hands.

"You have grass on your cheeks. I'm trying to get the grass off," she said.

"That's hair. I have hair on my arms, too."

"I have hair on my arms."

"You have little tiny blond hairs."

"And hair on my head, too."

And then she picked up a piece of plastic, bent it into a circle, and held it up to her eye and said,"I'm looking for violations." I didn't get it at first, but then I realized she was referencing the TV show, Lou and Lou's Safety Patrol, where a big magnifying glass comes up to the screen and you have to find safety violations.

It was cute.

Today we're going down to the Children's Hospital to see if the hole in her heart has closed and if the heart squeak has stopped. We told her we're going to "Annabelle's hospital," but we didn't tell her that they were going to put her to sleep for a while. It will be nice to get this behind us. Assign the worry to other things, and get the "pre-existing condition" off the record so we can obtain proper insurance.

Anyway, life is beautiful. Despite its broken hearts.



The doctor gave us the go ahead to do the exam without sedation, which was a relief. She was scared at first, but the brave little digger was a champ all the way though. The technician said it looked good and she didn't see any holes, but the cardiologist has the final say when we meet with him in a couple weeks.

Then, I suppose, it's Rinse/Repeat.