Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Up with the concrete guys," this morning! I'm still trying to coin the phrase, so please use it in your everyday tongue.

That being said, I've got to rush off to pour some boring old footings. But I did want to follow through on yesterday's post. Look! It's the life cycle of an aluminum patio cover!

Big difference, huh? Oh well, the customer seemed satisfied. I decided that if the day comes in 25-30 years where I have to tear down this exact same cover and am hired to rebuild it, then I will tear it down, haul it off, and symbolically walk off the job -leaving an exposed patio- and retire from the business altogether.

I got $75 for recycling the old thing. But there was this aforentioned item:

World wide! I chatted with the owner of the place, who recognizes me by now. He said that if it gets any worse, I was going to end up paying him to take the stuff. I reassured him, "Well, if you charge less than the dump, I will."

He was sincerely encouraged by this. It had never occurred to him.