Friday, September 12, 2008


It's like a buzzing, clattering alarm going off when we have a Home Show to do. There's a million things that have to happen, and you have to do it all switching roles. Like a parlor game.

Actually, it's the role-switching that's the easy part. Moving the car seat is kind of a pain, but you get used to it. Anyway, today is a weird one because I have actual work to do and Mrs. Ditchman has actual work to do and the sitter is full. FULL! (Which is funny because she already has four kids of her own.) So it's bring your child to work with you day which is fun for her for about a minute, and fun for you -not.

So no big blog today. I want you to have a terrific weekend. If you find yourself not having one, fake it. You'll be glad you did and no one else will have to suffer through your misery.