Friday, September 19, 2008

Aarrrrrr... It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, savvy? Still not sure what exactly is international about it, but hey, why not? Pirates were never bound by any territorial agreements and spent most of their days in international waters outside of the common law, so I guess it makes sense. Ditchman family will be spending the weekend talking like pirates at the Oceanside Harbor Days Festival, if I can make it through today to set up the display booth. Last year's theme at the festival was "Pirates", and I find it interesting that this year they're doing all the same pirate stuff without having an actual selected theme, so I guess if something works extraordinarily, go with it, mateys!

At dinner last night I was informed that there would be a talk-like-a-pirate playgroup meeting today that I was going to miss out on, unfortunately. And then the Little Ditchman donned the pirate hat she'd made at the library, got her treasure map, and led us around the house on a hunt for buried treasure! No, really. We pretended to dig on the stairway where the treasure took the form of Little Einsteins stickers and decorations. We all had hats. Mommy was Minnie Mouse, Steve was a fireman, and I, well, I got the monkey. (That's the dad's job, you know, "Pirate Monkey".) Anyway, it was all so fun and so cute that I just had to share. Moments like that make you want to have ten kids, and then you realize: TOO MUCH GROG.

Have an awesome weekend, scallawags.