Friday, September 5, 2008

These are the kinds of stories you see in the paper or on the local news from time to time and you think, "Oh, how nice." And your wife enters and says, "What honey?" and you say, "Oh, there was just a news item about this poor little girl who was born with Spina Bifida and all her friends and family got together and worked on her house and stuff. It was lovely." And then you change the channel over to America's Got Talent or America's Biggest Loser or something.

But... to actually be a part of it! It's nothing like on the news, and it's nothing like in the paper. Nothing like it. It's life and it's real and it grabs you by the ribs and throttles you till you choke up breakfast. Don't take life for granted, it says. And remember to say I Love You and drive safe and be nice and spread good cheer and don't let anyone shame themselves by mocking another who suffers and don't shame yourself by not doing anything about it when they do.

And don't be petty.

And stop wasting your precious little time.