Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh, thank heavens, the weekend has arrived. It was something of a week of FAIL, but at least I lived to dwell on and regret it. Next week, it's back to digging, so there will be plenty of time for my low self esteem then, as I race to the bottom of a hole, digging deeper, if not to China, then at least to the Great Wall of China footings, which none consider. (I can only imagine how deep they run.)

There is no time for that forlorn sense of self this weekend, however, as I indulge with the family in a time of escape and renewal. I'll blog about it on Monday. My phone is off. My email is off. Please don't try to contact me. No, please! My wife needs me! My children need me! And no more can we can bear the heady distraction of the usual weekend routine!

Happy November.