Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something boring: I am currently pained by the Apple iDVD program. Why must it switch around my menu photos? Why won't it stick with the background music I ascribe? Just because a DVD can hold 4.7 gigabytes of data and I've assigned 4.699999 to it, what seems to be the holdup? Is the OS upgrade that arrives on Friday going to make a difference? Do I need to upgrade my old video card again? Acckkkk.

We don't have the technology. And sometimes we don't have the tools, either. I was thinking I could save that one side of my front lawn by adjusting the arc of the sprinkler, instead of replacing it with a bigger one (because, hey, it's not the size of the sprinkler but the angle of the arc) but I can't seem to find the tiny elfen-made screwdriver or fairy-fingered alan wrench that makes the adjustment possible. The grass will suffer some more, for a time.

Also, the bathroom door swings open on its own. This drives me crazy, as I would rather it swing shut. It does it in the most annoying way, too, as you could walk in, shut it, (but not all the way) drop your pants and plop down on the toilet, and then... screeeeek, as it opens wide to passersby in the hallway -hello! I've tried everything, including switching the hinges and shimming them out, but still: it slowly, intently swings open. It's colder at bath time as a result, so it must be latched, but I fear that one day the kids will get locked in that windowless room at the wrong time and it will doom them to a life of sporadic, claustrophobic bouts whenever they have to bathe or pee.

And the "D" light doesn't work on my dashboard. And the aquarium temperature is 3 degrees too high. And everything in the garage is stacked in such a manner that I can't fetch the tools I need for the day's work. And the ceiling fan wobbles. And the remote control has cracked beyond repair. And the cream cheese is partially frozen.

I'm being eaten alive by the little things. It must be Wednesday.