Thursday, August 27, 2009

In my dream I was installing some large, lighted signs on the roof of a new local business, a pizza restaurant. They were having a big party, and guests as well as customers began to arrive. Things were getting more frantic with all the people showing up, and the owners were becoming insistent that I get the job done quickly. I was having trouble finding my helper, who was supposed to be out picking up some of the signs and helping me install them. When I finally found him, he was drinking beer and hanging out by the pool with some girls. This really upset me, and he looked over with an expression that said, "What's your problem?" I tried to contain my anger and explained how we needed to get this work done pronto and then he said, "You look like you're nextrated."

"I'm what?"

"Nextrated. You're frustrated with whatever happens next."

And then he swam off with the girls, and I woke up for the day, feeling just that.

It's gonna be a hot one! Not the best temps for tearing down an old patio cover and going to the dump, as it seems I do on every other Thursday, but it's work all the same. It's been just SoCal beautiful, though. I think the wind changed direction, all Mary Poppinsy-like. It's blowing offshore, which means sunny mornings, errant afternoon brushfires, and perfect surf days, if there's a swell out there. We've got some late August popsicle-melting weather here, and though the Ditchman butterfly garden is browned and brittle, and the back lawn is hard, cracked, and scorched, it's still nice to sit out there at sunset. Yesterday, it was me and the kids reclining in the wagon, joking about macaroni and chatting about what a winner mommy is, while she was out picking up pizza.

I should do a final butterfly garden update, now that I think about it. I'm a few days late. Perhaps tomorrow. I'll get out there and snap one last pic before it up and combusts on its own under the sweltering ignition of the August sun. It's the least I can do, for all that clicking you've done to get here, y'all!

Gotta get out the door before it gets too hot to work. I'm feeling a bit nextrated. And if you think this looks anything remotely like the Loch Ness Monster, then you sir, are a true believer.