Friday, July 17, 2009

So busy this morning, I forgot to blog. So! Busy this morning? I forgot to blog! So busy, this morning I forgot to blog. So busy this morning I forgot to... blog?

Punctuation makes all the difference. Most of my rewriting is flipping the punctuation around to keep the voice consistent, ah, but, who cares anyway? (He said, wondering about those commas.)

It's 12:54. Friday. Friday? Friday! This excuses my noon beer. Such is the pleasure of working from home. I'm trying to put a complex aluminum order together. What makes it complex is that I am stressed about how I should have paced this order a few days ago, but didn't have the time, and how I'm trying to utilize the GENTRY materials, from when we were jobbed on that one contract a while back (the jerks.) So it's a components-only order, which confuses everyone. I do this all the time. People roll their eyes.

Thus, the beer. Also, this weekend is going to look a lot like this:

...which I simultaneously look forward to and not. It's too cute to ignore, and yet I have so many things I've been needing to get done around here. It's not the Little Ditchman's dance recitals that bug me, actually, but everyone else's! I know, how selfish, but they kind of make you sit through the whole thing, and then again, as there are multiple performances. You wade through a hundred little dancers to get to your one perfect little princess, and then there is the madness before and after: the wrangling of the Little Digger, the photos, the dresses and tiaras. It's hard on a man, but hey, men should be hard enough to take it. I hear there's a beerfest waiting at the end of it. I better look into that and make sure.

Anyway, I'm glad this week is over. She was a painful one, she was. She was? She was!

Have an a-veces-tengo-ganas-de-bailar weekend!