Tuesday, July 21, 2009

See? Algae bloom.

In other news, the world will end tomorrow, according to sociologists/scientists. Okay, maybe not END, per se, but them religious folks can get crazy. They're always looking for an excuse to assplode.

Speaking of the confluence of faith and science, I found this rarely-reported tidbit perfectly American, and perfectly sweet. I had considered an essay on "the moon landing and what it means to me", but haven't been blessed with the confluence of inspiration and free time, lately. Damn, too, as I have a lot to blab on it. But the article speaks for itself, and Aldrin is a true American hero. (Can't say the same for some of the folks in the comment section of that Washington Post piece.)

Let me just mention: after they jumped around on the moon for a few hours, Buzz and Neil got back in the lunar module and slept. When they woke, they prepared for liftoff. No one was 100 percent certain the rockets would fire. If they didn't, Buzz and Neil would have been stuck there, helpless, and left to die. The president had a prepared statement for this. There was no Plan B.

40 years ago last night. And I can't even do communion right in Earth gravity.

In other news, BUTTERFLY GARDEN PROGRESS REPORT DAY! (Has it been 4 months already?)

Butterfly Garden, June 21st:

Today: (Hold on, let me grab my camera and run outside to get a pic.)

Okay, so it looks the same from that angle, but it extends well to the right of the pic. I actually went through there and pulled a bunch of plants, as they were more or less spindly and deadish. There are a lot of flowers, many more than a month ago, and pretty consistent. But, alas, no butterflies, so maybe next year. Anyway, it's nice to look at from the Family Room window in the morning.

We may have reached the apex of the Butterfly Garden. And now for the slow, demoralizing decline into winter. Should I document that? Perhaps I shall, if I can remember to. Few recognize the utter significance of decay.

But it ain't over yet! Remember my GIANT pumpkin I'm growing? Check this out:

Mid-July and it's already bigger than most pumpkins I buy for Halloween. Just gotta keep the thing alive for another couple months, but it's costing me a king's ransom in water bills.