Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What beautiful weather!

Sorry, I've got nothing, so that's about it with my creative take on the weather. It could be the most perfect day in the world outside, with sunny skies, sleeping dogs, synchronized lawn sprinklers, and angels descending from the heavens to hand-deliver unto you a newspaper with the headline: LOCAL ECONOMY ON REBOUND! -but it wouldn't stop the baby from crying inconsolably, having been recently diagnosed with colic. I don't see what the problem is, I've been colicky all my life. Actually, I do see the problem with colic, and it's that it drives everyone else insane, so even if your street has been re-slurried and it's a stunning blacktop beneath a gentle autumnal sunrise, it matters not.

But it's nice! You may recall the problems we've been having with the recent random mineral spring "upwellings" and then the garbage truck's bursting hydraulic lines staining the cul-de-sac all the way to ugly and just shy of "art", so when you see the nice new asphalt, why, it makes you want to re-envision the landscaping on your property!

We have no HOA, so a lot of us really let it go, I'm sorry to say (you all know who you are.) One guy started to paint the green trim on his house last year a whole new color, orange, but only got halfway done. Or maybe he thinks he is done. Not sure. I suspect he didn't have a tall enough ladder, which is why many of us haven't gone the distance with our Christmas lights. I usually back up the truck onto the lawn and put the ladder in the bed -it gives me the extra few feet of height I need- but this year with the twinkling/flashing problem, I haven't gotten around to it. But: new slurrry! Yes, new life has been breathed into the suburbs!

Our street really needed it, but I suspect it's no accident that property taxes are due this same week. Just when you're signing that check you think, what has the county been doing for me this year, anyway? And then the slurry truck goes by. But, cheeseandfries! Am I paying for the whole street myself?

Probably. Oh well. Not much I can do about it. Anyway, we were locked inside for all of yesterday and it was for the better. I think we got a couple things done around here. I mean, at least we are still alive, which is what I've been fond of saying lately. You just never know what burdenous pitfalls could bedevil you today. You could be walking across the street, minding your business, and get hit by the slurry truck. It's a dangerous world.