Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have you been following this story? It broke yesterday.

That's an actual, unretouched photo, by the way, and I find it supremely cool. There are more on the link, as well as video. So: aliens? Yes, yes, aliens, yes of course! Obviously! Either that, or the twelfth imam or Jesus or [your deity here] has returned from the heavens, arriving in Norway. Who cares that the Russian military denies any recent missile testing?

I knew what it was from the moment I saw it, but so did a lot of folks, and I didn't even get a chance to brag about it here before someone at Gizmodo came up with a computer simulation that explains it (here) heading off the inevitable international panic. One question for you doubters of truth: did you actually think that the Russians would announce that their new intercontinental ballistic missile spiraled out of control? There's 10 separate nuclear warheads on that thing! (Well, potentially.) Anyway, the pics are neat and I couldn't resist posting one.

Sorry if you came here looking for EOTW news lately and have been disappointed. #1: it's Christmas, and we shan't be talking about such matters. #2: I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't actually get out to see that Roland Emmerich masterpiece, king of all disaster flicks, 2012 movie. I really should have, if I want to be a scholar on the subject. Truth is, when I heard that Danny Glover was playing the president, I thought the storyline had jumped the shark and just gone too far. (California tumbling into the sea, I can handle.) I'll catch it on video. (That is, if it comes out in time!)

What can I say? Everyone's got their thing. Some people love bacon, I love this end-of-the-world stuff -as I do all things Bigfoot, Nessie, Little Green Men, and Unknown Species/Phenomena. Sometimes I hold back from blogging about it, because there's just so much out there. And some of it really is.

Someone commented on the Gizmodo site that the photo was like a photo of a lone tree in the middle of nowhere with skid marks that went straight into it. Yes, in all the vast, empty universe, a wayward alien crashed into our little inhabited planet.

Could happen.