Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I woke up this morning feeling so puffy. And I mean "puffy" and not "Puffy" in reference to last night's airing of the much ballyhooed miniseries of A Raisin in the Sun starring Sean Combs. I guess he's going legit, if only because he's not "Puffy" anymore. (Or "Puff Daddy" or "P. Diddy" or whatever.) I don't see what was wrong with his fine, strong name to begin with. Me, today I'm puffy.

I was sitting here trying to work out the daily conundrum when I paused and told Mrs. Ditchman, "I feel puffy," to which she responded, "You look puffy," which was not encouraging. She said I often look puffy when I'm sick, and I don't think she meant gold chains and thumpthumpthump, yo.

I had to read A Raisin in the Sun back in college and I don't really remember a thing about it except that it was one of those "important" plays about black people, starring black people, produced by black people, and so forth. (Sorry, black people.) I do remember one of my creative writing class discussions in which the word "puffy" was discussed, however. Someone had used "puffy" to describe clouds, as in, "puffy clouds". It was an ordinary phrase, some argued, and that it was over-used. "There are so many ways to describe clouds! and everybody uses 'puffy'!" So I try never to use "puffy" to describe clouds. I think I've mentioned it here before. Anyway, it made such an impression on me that I obsess over the word "puffy" to this day. A Raisin in the Sun, I have no idea about anymore.

Which just goes to show... something. Either my creative writing teacher was really good and my dramatic literature teacher was really lame, or there's just plain something broke in my mind. Probably both, either of which could explain why I never finished that last year of the university.

I thought I knew everything back then, and I've been trying to deflate my puffiness ever since. Anyway, gotta go! There is work. It's a beautiful day! Blue skies! Sunshine! And wispy, white, uh, you know... clouds!